Where the Money Goes

The purpose of the Cherish Wisconsin Outdoors Fund is to protect, restore and improve habitat for Wisconsin’s plants and animals. This is a permanent endowment fund and will exist in perpetuity to support our state’s 1.5 million acres of publicly owned forests, savannas, grasslands, wetlands, streams and lakes.

Every $1 million in the Cherish Wisconsin Outdoors Fund endowment
will distribute approximately $50,000 per year for habitat management.

Eligible areas include but are not limited to Wisconsin’s State Wildlife Areas, State Fishing Areas, State Parks, and State Natural Areas.

The Cherish Wisconsin Outdoors Fund will support habitat management projects that benefit a wide variety of species—game, nongame, aquatic and terrestrial. Examples include:

  • Restoration of bird habitat along migration pathways
  • Construction of wetlands that support both migratory waterfowl and rare amphibians and reptiles
  • Placement of lunker structures and other spawning habitat to support both game and rare fish and aquatic invertebrates
  • Restoration/creation of prairie and savanna habit to support upland game birds, rare grassland birds and butterflies and native plant species

Cherish Money Uses

The Cherish Wisconsin Outdoors Fund will be permanently invested and managed as an endowment by the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, an independent 501 (c)(3) organization. A portion of your donation may be used for Fund development expenses.Donate